Your Data + Our
Expertise and Tech

Modern marketing is built on understanding your customers. Understanding healthcare customers is complex, but with AI at the core of what we do, TruePatient can drive growth across the industry.

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Step 1

Managed Integration

Our engineers manage integration through our HIPAA compliant APIs supported at over 200 hospitals. Don't want to start with a direct connect - no worries. We can also use flat files or data transfers for targeting.

Step 2

Cohort Creation and Data Augmentation

We augment data with actionable third party data, build patient profiles, and create anonymized, targetable patient cohorts online.

Step 3

We Prepare Campaigns - you Just Approve

Our team creates campaigns across email, facebook, and third party retargeting for your team to approve.

Step 4

Continuously Tracked and Optimized Patient Targeting

Save time and money on patient engagement with our solution

Data Powered Growth Supported
by Real Humans
It's like an extension of your marketing team. From data integration to full campaign set up and management.
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