Modern marketing for modern medicine.

TruePatient builds actionable patient profiles that power personalized outreach across your patient population to reduce acquisition costs, increase retention and deliver growth.

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Modern marketing for modern medicine

TruePatient builds actionable patient profiles that power personalized outreach for better financial and health outcomes.

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Deep Patient Profiles

We combine internal claims data with web actions, and augment it with 3rd party data to understand who your patients are. We can combine any data sources to provide identified and de-identified platforms for outreach.

Automated Engagement
Powered by AI

Automated, Intelligent outreach brings HIPAA compliant marketing automation to healthcare providers, public health officials, pharma, and population health professionals. Automatically send emails, online retargeting campaigns, or trigger telephone calls based on patient engagement.

Outreach That Keeps Improving

We apply predictive analytics to revenue, so patient engagement campaigns can be adjusted based on near-real time performance.

Designed for Simplicity

TruePatient is like an extension of your marketing team, enabling you to do more with less. From fully managed integration, to reporting TruePatient makes it easy to expand your marketing efforts.

A Single Tool For All Your Needs

An end-to-end solution to help build relationships with current and future patients.

Industries We Serve

Customized solutions support patient outreach requirements for multiple industries

Data Powered Growth Supported
by Real Humans
It's like an extension of your marketing team. From data integration to full campaign set up and management.
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